Fleur Brett


Fleur Brett


My Primitive Self
recycled tapestry bobbin ends (cotton, silk and wool yarn), recycled Australian cardboard and polyester tapestry thread
30 x 27 x 22cm

My work is primarily sculptural and stems from an interest in landscape and a mapping of place through the process of weaving using techniques such as tapestry, basketmaking & knitting.

This woven work explores identity and is part of a larger body of work that looks at the various roles women play. Some aspects of our own lives are more defined than others. Here the figure is abstracted resembling a more primitive fertility god or symbolic bust. There is a reference here to my place of birth in Port Moresby, Papua New Guinea and my subsequent displacement from that community and it’s cultural heritage. The form is made in three parts so each can be removed and seen/used as a separate basket or vessel. ‘The vessel’ is an object that has other layers of meaning that relate to aspects of womanhood, the practice of craft and functional aspects of community life – vessels that store food, carry water and so forth. My work stems from an interest in landscape and a type of mapping of place through the process of weaving or playing with scale to build up abstract forms and ‘sites’. My work practice is open and process oriented with an interest in the tension between opposing forces – soft and hard, natural and industrial materials, traditional and non-traditional techniques and the movement between two and three dimensions. My practice is primarily sculptural incorporating elements such as fibre, weaving (basketmaking, carpetmaking, tapestry & knitting) sculptural installation, drawing, painting and printmaking.

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