Jill Symes


Jill Symes


After the Rain
glazed ceramic
150 x 70 x 52cm

This work relates directly to places I have had the privilege to connect with – exploring and staying long enough to develop long lasting memories – experiencing a sense of belonging in this place. After the Rain expresses my profound feeling of connection when living and travelling in extraordinary Australian terrains.
I love form – and working with clay.  I enjoy its tactility, it’s malleability and the gut responses it provokes, the thought processes in planning and executing an idea –  and not leastthe freedom experienced in painting directly onto a “clay canvas” from a palette of porcelain slips.   As a committed ceramic artist for over 35 years, my exhibition work has evolved from coiled Vessel (as the potent symbol as the container of life) to *Monad (as a primal symbol of the Australian landscape). Monads are made from firmed slabs of sculpture clays.  In the making I responddirectly to the qualities of the clay itself, allowing it to affect the outcome of the form’s symmetry and surface.  I call on my memories and the mind’s eye to abstractly and with a sense of immediacy paint impressions of place and time, anticipating the alchemy of the final fire to transform the work I have done on the surface – withcolour, brushmark and glaze – into a new life.  A constant thread throughout my work has been the inspiration gained from travelling in timeless Australian landscapes, which I have had the privilege of experiencing via many road trips and camping sojourns from one end of this country to the other.  *Monad = The ultimate unit of being.

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