Judith Glover & James Dutton


Judith Glover & James Dutton


Mr Tenmoku
laminated Cypress wood seat, with a hollow 9mm thick Porcelain base (slip -cast) on a rush matt.  Glazes: Tenmoku iron oxide glaze with a satin white
41.5 x 30 x 28cm
(rush mat made from New Zealand flax by Margaret Donaldson from Basketmakers Victoria)

Mr Tenmoku by Donutt and Goldfrau is collaboration between Industrial Designer and Ceramicist Judith Glover and Furniture Designer James Dutton.  Mr Tenmoku is an experiment to test the capabilities of slip casting into furniture pieces. High fired porcelain is known for its exceptional strength and beauty but rarely used in furniture production.  Historically, Tenmoku was originally an iron oxide glaze from China highly prized in Japan for tea bowls for monks. It came from the Chinese mountain temple of Mt Tenmoku (Mt. Tianmu in Chinese). Mr Tenmoku is a reflection on the origins of this glaze and the story of the mountain it came from. The form of stool symbolically visualises the form and meaning of the mountain- that translates literally into a physically strong structure. The use of the tenmoku glaze recipe more than 1000 years old celebrates the continuity of human hand making in a world of high technology- some techniques are never redundant or lose the ability to ‘wow’ even after a 1000 years.

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