Liv Boyle


Liv Boyle


Drifting Traces
cattle horn, fine silver, copper, steel, rubber, epoxy
122 x 8 x 5cm

New street. New city. The feeling of drifting is inevitable.
As an emerging New Zealand jeweller living and making in Melbourne, my work explores exactly these problems – how to find a voice within a new cultural landscape, how to make work that doesn’t just talk about where one is from, but where one actually is.
These are fundamental questions of belonging, for which contemporary jewellery has always offered answers, or at least suggestions. We look to ancestry, we look to media, and bit by bit, we determine who we are.
An interest in the body, with a background in sculpture, textiles and fashion informs my work intuitively. Certainly also, a rich cultural upbringing on the East Coast of New Zealand’s North Island instilled a respect and appreciation for natural resources and their ability to speak for themselves.
Through connections to the land and it’s stories, materials are also an intuitive choice, if not an autobiographical one. Paired with precious metals, sustainable organics such as bone and horn, form part of a conversation around both existing and traditional value systems.
In Oceanic tradition, one navigates by the stars, paying attention to the winds and the tides, watching what they carry, and listening for the grumbling earth beneath it all.

In the city, one watches people, busy people, and it’s easy to get swept up. Wearing a piece of contemporary jewellery is like setting your feet on the ground, a private assertion, as well as an offering to others who wish to engage. It’s a powerful thing, and you can do it all whilst getting dressed.

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