Jessie Deane


Jessie Deane


Maersk Containers
needlepoint using thread and canvas
96 x 50 cm

I am a needlepoint artist specifically interested in subverting a medium that is traditionally considered quaint, or feminine to portray industrial and urban images which actually contrast to the domestic.

Maersk Containers is a stunningly rendered monumental work. From a distance the large-scale needlepoint is a sumptuously colored representation of a stack of shipping containers – an iconic image of the inner-West. Up close however, the piece transforms. Maersk Containers’ intricately textured image is built up stitch-by-stitch, each individual suture appearing like a colored pixel on a screen. Despite the suggestion of the digital, the artwork is the antithesis of digital’s cold-hearted uniformity. The needlepoint is instead handcrafted, warm, rich and irregular by nature. Maersk Containers took 6 months to complete using thread on a mix of 10 and 12 countcanvas, incorporating over 75,000 stitches and comprising 15 panels.

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