Ruby Hoppen


Ruby Hoppen


Ordered Chaos
hand woven silk, stainless steel, cotton, copper, hand printed with acid dyes
40 x 150cm

“Now in the dark world where I dwell, ugly things and surprising things, and sometimes little wondrous things spill out in me constantly and I can count on nothing”  – Philip K. Dick.

This piece is part of a collection inspired by the richly imagined, dystopian future worlds of Philip K.Dick, where boundaries are blurred and seemingly contradictory elements fit together seamlessly. Worlds in which nothing is as it seems and we must learn to embrace uncertainty. This piece embodies the inherent juxtaposition of opposites present in our society, futuristic vs. nostalgic, dark vs. light, strength vs. fragility. Modern society is becoming less predictable, it is becoming increasingly difficult to know up from down.  This piece combines my two loves of hand weaving and hand printing.  It combines a repeating, angular woven structure with a flowing, irregular printed design. Adding the metal to the silk and cotton made the resulting fabric behave unpredictably when printed and steamed.

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