Sian Pascale


Sian Pascale


Chai Cups – Pi Keh Puht
terracotta clay cups, bisc fired, with clay slip mixed with seeds
9 x 7.5cm
$880 set of 8

The clay slip in Chai Cups – Pi Keh Puht has been designed so that once the cups are discarded the seeds can quickly self plant and grow. The clay cups have been bisc fired, allowing them to withstand several cups of tea before disintegrating.

Sian Pascale’s practise as an artist and designer works primarily around the central theme of vernacular crafts, meditation and yoga. Having lived in India and spent much of her life travelling her work is constantly drawing on the inspiration from the craftspeople and traditions she has worked closely with in the last few years.  During her time in India Sian collaborated with ceramic artists in one of the most fascinating centres of industry and the world’s largest slum- Dharavi, in Mumbai. The traditional artisans of the areaproduced ceramics by hand in small studios, firing them in the community’s shared wood fired kilns. Since returning to Melbourne Sian has set up her own ceramics studio where she continues to explore the themes and shapes she discovered abroad.  As well as working as an artist Sian Pascale has studied yoga for 12 years, and is now also teaching yoga in Melbourne. This has provided the philosophical framework for her artwork which oftendelves into ideas of permanence, consumerism and the process or journey.

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