Stephen Ziguras


Stephen Ziguras


Reception Table Commissioned by the Melbourne School of Government
timber and glass
130 x 60 x 40cm

This is a table for the reception area made from timber and glass. The design, evoking folded paper, referenced the traditional importance of paper in government administration and academic discourse.

While I’ve been designing and making furniture for more than a decade, my life as a woodworker began in earnest in 2010 when my partner and I were living in Denmark. I established Eco wood design in Copenhagen, specialising in custom-designed and built furniture.  Aesthetically, my designs are driven by my interest in creating objects that are both functional and elegant. I love the simplicity and clean lines of the Arts and Crafts movement, the elegance of mid 20th Century Danish furniture, and the balance and restraint of Japanese artistry.  More recently, I’ve been intrigued by the new mathematics of architecture, seen in the S(l)ide Table, and the K Bowl series, which both use the triangle as a defining motif.  I use recycled Australian timber when I can, as well as other sources such as plywood (which minimises waste) and sustainability sourced timbers.  In making the pieces I design, I use a combination of traditional methods such as dovetails, as well as more modern techniques, like biscuit joinery.  Returning from Copenhagen to Melbourne in early 2013, I brought the business with me, and I now work from workshops in Brunswick and Thomastown.

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