Sun-Woong Bang


Sun-Woong Bang


WINNER: Jewellery Encouragement Award $2,000

Unexpected Linkage
3D printable polyamide, alcohol ink, acrylic paint, sterling silver
14.4 x 9.6 x 3.5cm

I utilise filigree and digital processes to investigate the concept of ‘rhizome’; a situation of complexity; and a model of transformation that becomes a model of process of transcultural exchange.

My project explores new ways of creating recontextualised jewellery informed by a use of excavated relics from nomadic tribes – Celts, Scythians and Sillans: ancient Koreans, combined with the uses of 3D digital print, the World Wide Web technology and handmade processes derived from traditional gold & silversmithing practices. The recontextualised jewellery is informed through a formal, technical and symbolic analysis of relics and artworks and the historical connections (real and imagined) between the three nomadic cultures.   The recontextualisation of jewellery starts with my use of a global computer network technology. I explored blogs, streets and environments in the digital space through the Internet then downloaded the images which contain symbols, patterns, signboards, featured sculptures and graffiti. Selected appropriated imagery contents have been superimposed as new symbols and patterns onto the excavated relic such as ring, earring, tiara and shoe.  Celts, Scythians and Sillans: ancient Koreans have rarely been linked together in the historical or theoretical literature of transcultural discourse. However their real and my imagined cultural connections could illustrate transculturality- consequence of the inner differentiation & similarity. This removes cultural boundaries between them to celebrate their transculturality.

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