Tonya Perini


Tonya Perini


Journey of Hope
transferred laser copies of original photograph and stamps onto fabric, brass wire and sheet, base metal filigree, beading wire, nickel black pearl plated, vintage rhinestones, Swarovski crystals, sea beads, felt and velvet ribbon
30 x 18cm

This neckpiece is a tribute to my Nonna. Her name is ‘Speranza’, which translates to ‘Hope’. This piece is about her journey to Australia after WWII with her family, Luigi, Graciella and my mum Giusepina. There are three motifs in the neckpiece which I have created to express this life changing time.  Their courage and the hardship they suffered was one of my motivations behind the piece.
The photo of Nonna and my mum was taken for their passport just before they set sail for their new life. It represents her courage, her ability to acceptchangeand the love of her family. This photo is one of the main inspirations for this piece.
The Italian stamp represents her home, Gradoli, a small beautiful village two hours north of Rome. Its placement in the neckpiece is over the heart, which broke a little the day she left. The blue stamp marks the end of WWIIand her families new home‘Australia’. The beaded leaves are embracing and welcoming and the touch of green offers a brighter future. The coat she wore to Australia, and her favourite scarf was the inspiration for the colour pallet.  All the photo transfers are on pieces of her old table cloths, and the stylised flower motifs celebrate her love for her garden. My Nonna died aged 96 last November. This is my tribute to her ‘Journey of Hope’.

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