Vicki Mason


Vicki Mason


Corona series
powder coated brass, hand-dyed leather and cotton, linen, cotton, silk
largest piece 7.5 x 9 x 2.5cm
$2,585 for set

For Vicki Mason, making jewellery fulfils a need she has to create objects that can be worn, that hold special meanings and can potentially provoke in the wearer and viewer a need for a response or interaction of some kind. A dialogue is opened up – jewellery then acts as a portable tool for the communication of ideas. Mason’s work references her passion for plants to explore notions of place, belonging and the life cycle. Plants native to Australia, exotic plants, plant forms found in the fine/decorative arts and plants used in gardens are just some sources referenced and researched. Botanical motifs have a long history within jewellery’s imagery so are a rich source for reinterpretation/investigation.

Mason is interested in cross media/material discourses creating works that are a textile and metal ‘pick n mix’ of colour and form that work across conventional classifications of what jewellery and textiles should be. She combines precious and non-precious materials, traditional goldsmithing techniques, industrial processes and low tech domestic craft techniques in an approach to crafting less bound by traditional orthodoxies.

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