Wendy Golden


Wendy Golden


Water Vessel
24 x 12cm

Based on traditional basketry techniques my practice consists of several streams of work,  installations, exhibition work, commissions and writing.
My exhibition work is focussed on continually extending and pushing the boundaries of sculptural basketry.  The fragility of the environment, global warming and the problems of pollution and overfishing to our marine environment are major concerns I explore in my work.  Using fishing line to create vessels that reference marine life is my way of drawing attention to the hidden beauty in our oceans and initiating a dialogue around the use of fishing lines.  Monofilament has enormous strength but because it is translucent I am able to give my work a sense of fragility.  I enjoy exploring the layers of depth that can be viewed in something that at first glance appears to be open and singular in appearance. The installation work continues the theme of light, shade and fragility.  Using random weave techniques developed over many years I create figures and forms exploring the idea that the forms are transitory.  While my work is often open in appearance materials used are strong and resilient.  Commissions are varied and have included a large tunnel and assorted nests for the Melbourne Zoological Gardens, figures for a radio station and many smaller items for individual clients.  Part of this work is advice to clients about the feasibility of proposed projects.  I have written a regular basketry column for Textile Fibre Forum for some years.

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