Wendy Jagger


Wendy Jagger


Summit Panorama
large bowl, wheel thrown Southern Ice porcelain, multiple etchings, clear glaze, polished
22.5 x 9cm

Jagger’s passion for clay began in university where she trained as a secondary art teacher, specializing in ceramics, painting and drawing. Working with Australia’s own Southern Ice porcelain, Wendy Jagger utilizes a range of techniques to transform her predominantly wheel-thrown vessels into artworks. The vessel becomes a canvas, as she draws her landscape impressions and delicate native flora onto the smooth, polished surface. Alternatively Jagger etches the imagery, layer by layer into the walls of the vessel. This method is painstaking and fraught with danger. At any moment the bone dry clay could shatter as the exposed surface is eroded away. Yet it is exciting. Jagger likens it to painting with light. Her work shows the evidence of her awarded painting skills. She has been a finalist in all of the Manningham Victorian Ceramics Awards and her work was purchased as a foundation piece for Manningham City Council’s ceramics collection. She is represented in private and public collections. Jagger has also received an Honourable Mention in the 9th International Ceramics Award, Mino Japan. Her studio in the pretty town of Mansfield overlooks Mt Buller, and she opens the studio / gallery to the public on the Easter and Melbourne Cup long weekends. She also conducts classes and workshops alongside her expanding arts practice, drawing on her extensive teaching experience at both secondary and tertiary levels. Her practice encompasses the production of functional, yet decorative pieces in Southern Ice porcelain as her clay of preference. She is regularly sought out for commissions, both private and corporate. She continues as artist-in-residence at Mansfield Primary School, following a successful project From Scratch, funded by the Arts Victoria Artists in Schools Grant, which was subsequently filmed by Arts Victoria. This wonderful program has continued through Parents and Friends funding for six years and the school now runs its own ceramics program. As Jagger continues to grow within her chosen craft, she aims to explore new imagery and techniques through experimentation, research and observations. Her upcoming exhibitionSnowline  in August 2015 will be staged on Mt Buller, within the very environment that has inspired the work. This will be an interesting melding of Jagger’s crafting of her beloved Southern Ice porcelain and the paintings which initially inspire the ceramic works.

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