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Backyard studio sale

Lucile Sciallano (La Petite Fabrique de Brunswick) started her small ceramics studio three years ago, and has since made lots of friends at the craft and design markets around Melbourne. On 10 December she invites other makers to clear out their shelves of seconds and one off pieces for an all day relaxing market in her backyard. Just in time for Christmas!

There will be an eclectic range of maker friends: Dawn Vachon makes utilitarian and sculptural ceramics; Alterfact 3D prints porcelain pieces for home and kitchen; Wolf and Mishka designs clothing and homewares inspired by family heirlooms; Dawn Tang crafts beautiful thrown ceramics with sunset tones; Min Pin specializes in alternative jewellery, homewares and prints; Togetherness Design illustrates and prints patterned homewares; and Tara Whalley designs ethical textiles for bold fashion.

These makers have been featured in a wide variety of media from the Design Files to Frankie magazine and Vogue Living, and have shown their work at exhibitions both locally and nationally.

On 10 December from 10am-6pm, Lucile invites you to the Backyard Studio Sale (at 195 Weston St, Brunswick) to enjoy a casual vibe, lovely chats with local makers and 100% Melbourne-made Christmas shopping. Lucile will also open the doors of La Petite Fabrique De Brunswick’s studio for visitors to explore the place where she makes and learn more about her art and craft practice. Lucile is excited to share her friends’ colourful and playful work and give visitors a glimpse into Melbourne’s wonderful community of makers.

Backyard studio sale
Address : 195 Weston St, Brunswick
Times: 10am-6pm

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