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Wood you? Yutaka Minegishi – RMIT Winter Masterclass

  • Gold & Silversmithing Studios Building 2, Level 1 Bowen Street RMIT City Campus Melbourne Australia (map)

In this Masterclass participants will use wood as a starting point. The objective will be to carve a ring for the hand. Using the porous and structural properties of wood participants will work using essential processes to explore contemporary forms. Traditionally goldsmiths build and model using metal components, sections and constituents to join and build form and structure. In this Masterclass, Yutaka will lead participants to use wood as a material and work only with the reductive and subtractive techniques to produce form by carving and stripping back material. Participants create rings in wood that concentrate on what you absolutely need. Starting with a humble section of wood the reductive and subtractive process of carving will focus on the edges, lines, curves and surfaces. Each participant will explore the form through the process of shaving and scraping, allowing the hand to decide what to do next. This intuitive and direct approach to working with wood will allow participants to feel which lines should join together to make a new curve or which details can vanish. Participants will engage in discussions led by Minegishi.

$600 (discount applies for RMIT students)

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