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  • 152 Sturt Street, Southbank. Accessible 24/7 (map)

Creative Spaces and Craft present Around the Table from RMIT University, School of Art, Gold & Silversmithing and Ceramics.

A cup of tea, a jug, an object of nostalgia, gently resting on the table suggestive of a ritual or an activity associated with life.

Around the Table brings together a selection of emerging artists that use Silversmithing and Ceramic processes to explore and investigate the role of the table in relation to their work. 

The aim of this exhibition is to bring the table back into view and to explore the idiosyncratic nature of this site.

Around the Table is presented within the vitrine, the glass separates the viewer from the table in this context and presents objects that suggest function and handling as precious and untouchable.

Featuring works from:

Aphra Cheesman, Brooke Coutts Wood, Christine Yeghyaian, Courtney Hogan, Griselda Crombie, Daisy McClelland, Fang Wang, Helena Sinclair, Alexandra Sinclair, Jennifer Parker, Jess Lyons, Jessica Macdonald, Karima Baadilla, Linda Ciarló, Lola-Mae Pink, Lucy Tolan, Mako Xia, Mali Taylor, Mariia Tseveleva, Narelle White, Olivia Ware, Pawlaw Thachaw, Radha Russell, Ruby Gardner-Russell, Sharie-Lee Olver, Sheng Cheng and Wen Jing

Earlier Event: July 26