Bryan Cush

Bryan Cush Pinch Noir 5.jpg
Bryan Cush Pinch Noir 5.jpg

Bryan Cush



Pinch Noir

ebonised Victorian ash, brass, concrete

160 x 33 x 43cm




Pinch Noir is a bench / coffee table designed around principles of concealing and displaying reading material.

The act of ‘pinching’ a rectangular loop forms a nook to stash away trash magazines. At the other end of the spectrum, embedded brass strips act as hanging rails to display and keep more important publications close at hand.

A matt black finish was achieved through traditional ebonisation techniques as opposed to employing oil-based stains. The piece cantilevers onto a polished brass leg which reflects the surrounding environment and reinforces the strong, dark silhouette of the form.

Photograph by Bryan Cush

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