Christopher Plumridge

Christopher Plumridge Intraverse 1 2.jpg
Christopher Plumridge Intraverse 1 2.jpg

Christopher Plumridge



INtraverse 1

stoneware firing to 1280 deg C - Cast and thrown porcelain glazed with self-prepared original formula matte and gloss glazes, triple fired

5.2 (high) x 15cm (diameter)




INtraverse 1 is a pill shaped porcelain lidded box. Its title comes from the idea of a place that can only exist in your mind, free from all other interferences. A place of creative imagination where discovery of something new which has never been, might be. A realm of visual urgency where contemplation of the extraordinary may be made real.  If only a hallucination at first but from which some thing may come into matter as present where no thing once existed. As if from out of the earth (clay in this instance) came the ether and then the real.

Photograph by Christopher Plumridge

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