Claire Lehmann

Claire Lehmann 3 Chainz 2.jpg
Claire Lehmann 3 Chainz 2.jpg

Claire Lehmann



3 chainz

porcelain, etched aluminium, L.E.D light strip, power adaptor, steel hanging system

78 x 20 x 30cm




I am influenced by the industrial design of non-domestic objects, specifically, objects kept hidden behind walls and ceilings; plumbing, air-conditioning, heating and wiring. These systems contain loose wires, rough steel and sharp edges, objects unmediated for human touch, designed for pure function.

I wanted to bring this untamed influence to the most fine and domesticated material; porcelain. Fragile, soft and ‘pure’, we have a daily intimacy with porcelain, from mugs to toilet seats.

With this work I wanted to also disrupt the expectation of scale and placement that I saw in fine art, design, and craft. I wanted to make a domestic object that is truly three-dimensional and is lifted out of the kitchen, functional but also sculptural. So, I designed my lighting to be modular. This also works with my love of non-static design; for everything to have potential to be built upon or changed over time.

Photograph by Claire Lehmann

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