Claire McArdle

Claire McArdle Sextet 2.jpg
Claire McArdle Sextet 2.jpg

Claire McArdle




vitreous enamel, copper, sterling silver, crushed stone, epoxy, wood, brass, marble, steel

18 x 17 x 6cm (largest of six pieces)




I had never visited Das KloHäuschen in person before our collaboration but I grew to know it over the many months of our association. It was once a urinal but has been an art space for the past 9 years.

This collaboration existed through representations on the internet. I scrutinised images for details that would be so obvious in person. With this virtual knowledge I constructed instruments echoing the physical structure of the space. The instruments create sound and can be worn on the body.

When the work was presented in Munich it was curious to be in a space which I have examined for so long from such a distance.

Six pieces for the six urinals make up the Sextet. For a while the instruments adorned the space of their inspiration and you could hear the song that was made through this collaboration.

The song for Das KloHäuschen.

Photograph by Claire McArdle

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