Ema Shin

Ema Shin Soft Alchemy 1.jpg
Ema Shin Soft Alchemy 1.jpg

Ema Shin



Soft Alchemy

woven tapestry, cotton, wool, rayon

7 x 190 x 125cm




Over many years I have been formulating shapes of female anatomy and body organs filled with designs of plants and flowers. Through tapestry weaving I have discovered a truly tactile and expressive medium to produce woven artworks inspired by my human and botanical investigation. My creations search for threads that connect inner emotions with our day-to-day experiences. I combine invisible emotional and physical experiences with visually recognizable shapes of plant life and human anatomy. In my art practice I aim to create a composition that displays sensitivity for materials used, historical techniques, and physical awareness as well as express femininity, sexuality and domesticity.

Photograph by Jeremy Weihrauch

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