Hannah Gartside

Hannah Gartside Illusion Quilt 2.jpg
Hannah Gartside Illusion Quilt 2.jpg

Hannah Gartside



Illusion Quilt

wool fabric, wool wadding, thread

98 x 114 x 14cm




Illusion Quilt is a textile wall hanging that extends on Gartside's experimental two-colour quilts, samplers, and floor cushions. This work adapts the strip-piecing patchwork technique of cutting two or more fabrics into thin stripes and restitching them back together to create a single striped material. Then this material is recut on a 60 degree angle (in this case), and pieced back together to create various optical effects. Illusion Quilt includes six triangular extensions into space, and continues Gartside's investment in hexagons as a symbol of community (through their reference to beehives). The work is hand-quilted, and made from a black plain-weave wool, and cream wool crêpe fabric.

Photograph by Hannah Gartside

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