Joanne Linsdell

Joanne Linsdell Gladstone Bag 1.jpg
Joanne Linsdell Gladstone Bag 1.jpg

Joanne Linsdell



Gladstone bag

pit fired, earthenware paper clay

42 x 23 x 24cm




Gladstone Bag is a ceramic sculpture about memory and loss. It replicates one my father used as a young man during the 2nd World War when attending Technical College.

My father is very ill and he cannot make any new memories but can recall precisely what he carried in his bag.

This sculpture was fired in a pit dug in a large garden of 4 acres, part of my family’s once thriving orchard.

As fuel for the fire I used wood from an old peach tree, and cow dung from a relative’s farm.

Gladstone Bag is both deliberate and incidental like family and the memories that bind and hold you.

Photograph by Andrew Barcham

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