Kari Lee McInneny-Mcrae

Kari McInneny-McRae Broken Gound 1.jpg
Kari McInneny-McRae Broken Gound 1.jpg

Kari Lee McInneny-Mcrae



Broken Ground

porcelain paper clay, stoneware glaze, mother of pearl lustre

41 x 16 x 47cm




Broken Ground is a Porcelain Paperclay Grid Structure with minimal stoneware glaze and mother of peal lustre. The rigid grid structure references an attempt at order and control, exploring memory through disjointed fragments. Concurrently the form is skewed and warped, its deterioration draws on the in-between stages of change. The remnants and fragments capture the uncertainty and discomfort, which come with adjustment.

Photograph by Tessa Mansfield-Hung

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