Lisa Waup

Lisa Waup Woven History 2.jpg
Lisa Waup Woven History 2.jpg

Lisa Waup



Woven History

porcelain, glaze, emu feather, parrot feathers, cottons, pandanus, jobs seeds

30 x 15 x 10cm




Lisa Waup is an award winning Gunditjmara and Torres Strait Islander artist. Her work Woven History embodies the strong traditional customary associations with the Torres Strait and Papua New Guinea through this ceramic and woven neck piece. The front represents the sunrise and the waters of the Strait, and the back represents the sunset symbolising the connection that PNG has with the Torres Strait, the complex trade practice, intricate kinship relationships and social behaviour. Lisa says the shape of Woven History is typical of a shell that would have traditionally been worn in ceremony and celebrates my ancestral connections with Erub Island in the Torres Strait, and my children’s ancestral connections to PNG through their father. This highly personal piece celebrates identity, heritage and history of the region.

Lisa is represented by Baluk Arts. 

Photograph by Tracey-Lea Smith

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