Mark Edgoose

Mark Edgoose Rail and Vessel 7 2.jpg
Mark Edgoose Rail and Vessel 7 2.jpg

Mark Edgoose



Rail and Vessel 7

titanium, niobium, steel, bronze

100cm x 22cm x 30cm




Mark Edgoose’s object-based practice operates at the intersection of craft, design and architecture. The notion of containment and functional ambiguity is fundamental to his work. By extending, stacking, assembling and connecting various components, Edgoose creates linear works with a distinctly industrial aesthetic that is reflected in the cool grey titanium that is his preferred material. Intended to have an essential relationship to the architectural environment in which they are installed, Edgoose’s practice highlights his abiding interest in objects and space that connect and create relationships – between themselves; to their environment; and to the viewer.

Photograph by Mark Edgoose

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