Pip Haydon

Pip Haydon Got Any Spoons 4.jpg
Pip Haydon Got Any Spoons 4.jpg

Pip Haydon



Got Any Spoons?

Wood-Huon Pine

40 x 5 x 40cm

(individual pricing on enquiry)



Got Any Spoons? comprises three bridge handled ladles, each hand carved in Huon pine. Their forms borrow from the sideways bowl shape of antique Japanese ladles, used over centuries for stirring and scooping the ingredients of miso and sake. The Got Any Spoons? ladles have handle curves and fullish bowls that imagine the gesture of their intended use, the gentle wrist action that scoops and delivers generous meal servings. As treasure and tool, these ladles are made carefully and made to put to work.

Photograph by Viki Petherbridge

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