Tai Snaith

Tai Snaith Slow Down World 4.jpg
Tai Snaith Slow Down World 4.jpg

Tai Snaith



Slow Down World

ceramic, paper, ink, gouache

54 x76 x5cm (per framed image, series of 5)




Slow Down World is an inspirational journey taken by a small child and her horse from the fast paced world of digitally saturated screen culture towards a slower, more reflective way of living.

Touching on a broad palette of ideas from looking, imagining, collecting, reading, making, and trying new experiences to bigger ideas of sustainable energy, mindful eating, gratitude and friendship.

The illustrations are created using hand made and fired ceramic and paper elements arranged and photographed to create a three-dimensional quality.

This book is a reminder for parents as much as children that sometimes life is better if we slow it down, take time to think a bit more and let our imaginations grow. It’s also about how important it is to make your own way in the world and how to be brave.

Photograph by Matthew Stanton

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