Craft Cubed Festival 2018 | best of the fest

 Delroy is the almost 3 year old son of Gemma Jones. He loves cuddles, craft and a bit of afternoon tea.

HOMAGE by Liz Jones at Bettie’s Cafe because I love a good doll house and I really like Bettie’s too. They make great chocolate chip biscuits and above par babycinos.

SMALL COMFORTS by Cat Rabbit at Outre Gallery because Cat Rabbit is one of my favourite artists. Didn’t know that toddlers could have a favourite artists – well, we can and we do! She makes street-wise animals in cool outfits. They look like toys but they are more than toys. You can cuddle them but not too hard. And apparently, there is promise of baked goods.

AFTERNOON TEA WITH THE MAKERS at Craft because I saw Troy Emery’s exhibition already. I loved the colourful animals and I want to tell him in person how much I liked it. Also. Cake.

SMORGASBURB by Chloe Smith because it’s food related fuzzy craft! I can’t say no. I can’t wait in fact.
— Delroy
Delroy showing of this year's Craft Cubed Festival guide

Delroy showing of this year's Craft Cubed Festival guide


Smorgasburb by chloe Smith


Homage by Liz Jones

at Betties Cafe

troy low.JPG

Afternoon Tea with the Makers

at Craft


Small Comforts by Cat Rabbit

at Outre Gallery

Viktoria is the Marketing & Partnerships Manager at Craft and has been making all her life. 

I'm all about getting my hands dirty and learning new skills. Crafternoons and workshops are totally my thing. Let's get making, I'll see you there :)
- Viktoria Laux

Paperclay Exlpoits


Tsumami-Zaiku Jewellery Workshop


Clipping Pots, Floral Frogs & Posy Holders

suki3 (1).jpg

Rubber Stamp Workshop

Julia is Craft's Membership Services & Office Manager with a background in fashion.

As a textile nerd i love handmade felted objects, especially because they lend a fuzzy warmth and cuteness to every subject matter from the ‘uncanny valley’ of Cat Rabbit’s creatures, to the historical landscape of food culture in Melbourne (in Smorgasburb)
— Julia

(Nothing but) Flowers + Boom Makers


Small Comforts with Cat Rabbit

smorgas burb.JPG

Smorgasburb by Chloe Smith

To be continued...

Craft Film Festival

CDC rachel burke-Photo By Jaala Alex.jpg

Craft and Design as a Career

Rebecca is the Deputy Retail manager at Craft and also has a a steady hand with thread and needle as she also does embroidery.

My love of learning new things is endless. I can’t wait to give these classes a go!
— Rebecca Saunders

Indigenous Flora Watercolour Workshop


A Taste of Spinning


Chinese Brush Painting