Each year, Craft’s Catalogue presents a collection of works made by Australian craftspeople and designers. A celebration of the diversity of contemporary practice, the catalogue embodies the resounding message that craft is for everyone, with traditions that begin with First Peoples and extend to include new technologies and ways of making.

It is a significant time for craft in Australia. As consumers, we are thinking more critically about the objects we choose to live with and use. While the digital age has brought increased access to global markets, it has also created an increased reflection on issues of sustainability, labour practices, and methods of production.  

Craft presents an alternative to mass-production, and a rejection of the cultural amnesia brought about by a throw-away mentality. Its rich narratives and roots in the handmade offer more substantial and genuine connections with object — a way back into engaging with our shared histories and environment. The hand of the maker is present both physically and conceptually in each work, allowing room for a more meaningful relationship with the pieces we come into contact with every day, as we enfold their histories into our own. These connections are felt most profoundly through the interaction of object and act — in rituals around food and drink, and the adornment of the body and the home.


This year’s Craft Catalogue invites you into the home of Cremorne local, Julia Cox. A collector of contemporary art and craft, Julia designed and built her own home 2011-2012. A modernist space with a focus on sustainable systems, it speaks of classic design, craftsmanship, and an attention to material and longevity essential to the future of Australian living.  

Above: Watch our interview with designer and home owner Julia Cox.

Julia Cox is a creator of intelligent buildings and subtle interiors with a passionate focus on sustainable principles. A background in fashion and textiles and a lifelong interest in design, material, texture and the craft of making, have developed into a collection of art and beautiful things, both old and new, that reflects an eclectic world view.