Collective Material presents highlights from the private collections of Karen Webster, Johanna Preston of Preston Zly, Diana Morgan, Bluestone Collection, Jason Smith, Pamela Emery and The Jan Feder Memorial Ceramics Collection. Spanning ceramics, jewellery, shoes and garments; the exhibition delves into the myriad of ways that craft collections begin and evolve to offer rare insights into the collector’s world.

 The exhibition explores the personal relationships that individuals have with art objects they choose to adorn themselves, their homes and their chosen public collections. Through focusing on the motives and methods of building personal collections, this exhibition provides a glimpse into the exceptional range of works acquired by some of Victoria’s craft-dedicated collectors.

The act of collecting is both creative and tactical. A private collector’s proximity and engagement with the pieces they acquire creates a depth of understanding that spurs on further collecting. Collections are wellsprings of knowledge and appreciation, and as such Collective Material includes craft acquired by individuals, groups and institutions eager to share stories of dedication, inspiration and love of craft.

By providing a glimpse into the exceptional range of artworks acquired by collectors, this exhibition reveals and shares the excitement, tastes and inclinations at the heart of craft collecting.

Image above:
Anna DAVERN, Henry in His Calliope, 2015, four wheeled carriage pulled by four sheep: reworked biscuit tin, printed steel, copper and brass constructed wheeled carriage, 26 x 10 x 3.5 cm photo: e.g.etal    Image courtesy of the artist, the Bluestone Collection and e.g.etal