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Form & Assemble - Presented by Bisque Studios partnered with Studio Yu

  • Bisque Studios 2a/167 Beavers Road Northcote Australia (map)
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Form & Assemble. Presented by Bisque Studios in partnership with Studio Yu.

Form: A particular way in which a thing exists or appears; expression, shape, imbodiment.

Assemble: To gather together for a common purpose; collect, unite, convene.

Form and Assemble invites artists to share in conversation about the need for community within art practices. Showcasing the derivatives of inspiration through the assembly of seemingly unrelated works. Drawing lines between inspiration and form, practice and outcome, community and shared experience.

A comparative exhibition that speaks of similarities rather than differences, community over competition. Expressive of the thoughtful and inclusive nature of Victoria's new wave of ceramic artists. Embracing and ever seeking to enjoy and indulge in each other's work and achievements. Form & Assemble invites viewers to immerse themselves in a celebratory diverse showcase of the ever intriguing world of ceramics.

Works by Asobimasu Clay, Tantri Mustika Ceramics, Oh Hey Grace, Benna co, Alanna Casey, Dasa, Ella Bendrups, Amy Lee Worthy, Tessy King and Chella Edmunds.

Event Launch:
Friday 9th of August.

Free Public Event

Immersive gallery show over Sat 10th & Sun 11th of August.


Beers provided by Bodriggy Brewing Co.