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Join Up - Helen Mathwin, Bryan Luff & Hermione Merry

  • Roving performance and online - (starting point) Former Bank of Australasia 394-398 Collins Street Melbourne Australia (map)
41_Helen Mathwin_01Image.jpg

Join Up Culture becomes visible through the patterns we weave...behavioural patterns, environmental patterns, historical patterns. In Join Up collaborators Helen Mathwin, Bryan Luff and Hermione Merry undertake a round tour, on horseback, taking in ten of Melbourne’s peak sites of economic activity. As the artists ride from site to site they drop a continuous line of flour creating a temporary line to create a pattern on the pavement, creating a literal shape of economic rationalism within the city. It is only as culture becomes visible that we can see counter culture, something that is represented here by the artists choice of transport. In choosing to undertake this journey on horseback the artists hark back to an earlier time and celebrate the irrational and the sensational, briefly punctuating the economically rational culture that underpins the sites visited by the artists.. The shape that is created through this mounted mapping process will be recreated and shown at Wide Open Road Art in Castlemaine along with live footage of the urban adventure.