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Aureate - John Gatip

  • Bates Smart Gallery 1 Nicholson Street East Melbourne Australia (map)

This exhibition brings together the conflict of preciousness and mass production through the process of creating architectural dioramas and storytelling. Aureate explores the idea of replication and repetition through the creation of Aur - a fabled city. This exhibition is an evolving iteration of John Gatip’s exploration of casting technique and his fascination in permutative process of replication. The dioramas of Aureate explore architectural model-making and its craft through the act of casting and mould making. The dioramas of architectural forms explore production and composition. It combines the use of 3D printing and 3D CAD modelling to create forms. These forms are hand cast into silicone moulds for mass production using resin mixed with gold powder. The process of hand casting and hand assembly reveal a uniqueness in each piece and in each composition. Endless permutations of simple architectural elements form the imagined city that reveals the unique nuances of the casting process. The use of gold has been an investigation in elevating industrial forms to a level of preciousness. Gold is usually correlated with jewellery and prized treasures. Applying a materiality of gold colour, the dioramas magnifies industrial architecture as crafted objects of value. Thus, what is usually overlooked and forgotten is celebrated and recognised. (Photo above by: Timothy Kaye)