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Hakuji - Asuka Mew

  • Wingnut & Co. 47 Baillie Street North Melbourne, VIC, 3051 Australia (map)
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Hakuji will examine the materiality of porcelain. The exhibition will occur in three stages that will each reflect on the complex histories of porcelain and concepts of origin, repetition and balance.

1. Creating an Australian porcelain recipe from three raw materials. Asuka will attempt to formulate his own porcelain recipe made from Australian raw materials whilst reflecting on his own origins from a region of Kyushu renowned for first producing porcelain in Japan. Asuka’s porcelain recipe will include three materials - Feldspar, Kaolin and Silica. Through balancing the ratios of these minerals Asuka will aim to formulate a translucent, stable body whilst navigating the inelastic and impermeable qualities inherent to porcelain.

2. Developing a glaze from the same three raw materials. Feldspar, Kaolin and Silica will again be used in differing proportions to create a transparent glaze for the porcelain body. This will be an exercise in formulating and testing recipes through processes of repetition and refinement. The aim will be to further understand the casual nexuses between these rock forming minerals that are the core of porcelain production histories.

3. Repeating a single form that balances three components. Hakuji will present as a collection of a single form – a Meiping (Plum Vase). The Meiping form follows porcelain from China, to Korea to Japan. Asuka will repeat Plum Vases from his porcelain recipe until he has achieved vessels that balance the three elements essential to Meiping– a slim base, wide shoulders and a narrow neck.

The above parameters will allow a framework to discuss the multiple histories of both this material and form whilst adding an Australian gesture to their geological and aesthetic stories. The exhibition will be accompanied by a short essay by Anna Miller-Yeaman.



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