Craft's annual celebration of the handmade, and the biggest coming together of the craft and design communities in Australia

Now in its tenth year, the Craft Cubed Festival, our month-long, state-wide celebration of making, community and creative experimentation returns with a program embracing events, exhibitions and happenings from across the Victorian maker landscape.

The theme of Crafting Culture invited our community to think about the ways in which the act of making connects and forges our cultural lives, be it across generations, across time, across geography.  Expect both traditional and experimental interpretations of what it means to be involved in craft in 2019.

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Craft Cubed Festival is funded by the City of Melbourne.


Craft Victoria featured events

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Friday 16 August, 9am - 3:30pm

Friday 30 August 8am - 2pm


13 July – 17 August.


Thursday 22 August, 7pm and Friday 23 August, 7pm


1 August - 31 August


24 August - 5 October


1 August - 10 August


22 August - 22 September