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Nora Thamthanakorn x Alpha60 Flinders Lane

  • Alpha60 Flinders Lane 201 Flinders Lane Melbourne, VIC, 3000 Australia (map)

Craft Victoria and Alpha60 Flinders Lane proudly present Nora Thamthanakorn.

Nora Thamthanakorn’s practice involves a reflection of erosion and decay, an exploration of perishable conditions and an expression that all existence is subject to continuous changes. In a world that demands immediacy, where materialism has always been apparent and self awareness is rare, the artist believes in the doctrine of impermanence. Her motivation is to create consciousness on the transient nature and depreciation through time, of our surroundings being objects, living organisms, human beings both physically and mentally. For us to be reminded that nothing remains constant and to appreciate all state of beings as per their transitions. 

Growing up surrounded by architectural ruins from ancient times, Thamthakorn perceives eroded brick walls and time-worn architectures as solid metaphors for the temporaries. Integrating their appearances and the impermanence into new perspective, her work presents deteriorating conditions and transition processes. The installation invites reflection on these transformations and inconsistencies which the evanescent states are expressed through layers of erosion, revealing surfaces underneath. Through familiar forms of household ceramic vessels, each piece symbols our life cycle and material objects surrounding us. Perspective of individual comes into significance whether this imperfection is seen as a flaw or a sense of discovery through underlying layers, indicating consequences of any impermanent states leading to subsequent phases. Comparably, one’s attitudes determine one’s interpretations of changes encountered throughout a lifetime.

Alpha60 is a boutique fashion label from Melbourne, located on Flinders Lane. Unique style with a sophisticated quirk.