Ceramics in review with Robyn Phelan

Craft Culture has laid dormant over the past few months and we’re very excited at Craft to start populating the site once more. We have been working on a new project with Culture Victoria titled Craft in Context which will enable conversation around crafted objects in Museums and present interviews with contemporary artists. The site will be launched in the coming weeks and will assist in populating our own Craft Culture blog here.

In addition to Craft in Context we will be the reinvigorating Craft Culture site with craft reviews and articles generated by our members and our community, nationally and internationally. If you are interested in supplying content please contact dpryor@craft.org.au

Ceramicist and craft commentator Robyn Phelan has uploaded content to her blog Looking With Soft Eyes in which she reviews recent exhibitions, in particular she makes commentary on the following four artists having showed in the past month.

David Ray’s Trickster at Anna Pappas Gallery, Anna Varendorff and Kim Jaeger’s Nearness at Mr Kitly, Group exhibition Interplay atSkepski, Michelle Ussher’s Is it your body I hold in my arms or the sea? at Station Gallery