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This is not Memphis

  • Craft Watson Place Melbourne, VIC 3000 Australia (map)

This is not Memphis

Adam Markowitz,  Assegai Pendant ,  Fred table,  and  Flea chair . Photo: Ben Clement. Styling: Tamara Maynes. Ceramics: Cone11

Adam Markowitz, Assegai Pendant, Fred table, and Flea chair. Photo: Ben Clement. Styling: Tamara Maynes. Ceramics: Cone11

Adam Markowitz, Bern Chandley, Bryan Cush, Damien Wright, Daniel Poole, and Laura McCusker

It’s no secret, no new idea that we live in a fast-paced world. Bombarded with an endless stream of visual stimuli we seek an anchor in what is familiar, creating an ongoing cycle of the same image, the same object, re-styled and re-presented. This familiarity comes to stand for quality and worth, and as a consequence something valuable is lost.

Craftsmanship is a language. It speaks of techniques distilled and refined through process and time; profound material knowledge combined with resourcefulness and adaptability; and a deep respect for the role these objects play in our lives.

Here is furniture that honours the power of the lived object. Respecting the past this work stands firmly in the present, and looks passionately to the future. It tells stories of concepts born in wood, and crafted by hands that speak fluently. It is made to live with, and to live well. It is unapologetically made to last.

“Our work is about an authenticity that can be tested by the metrics of skill, discipline, time, process, ingenuity, virtuosity and beauty.  It demands a connection between the head, the heart, the hand, and the land. And it stands its ground against a complacency and complicity in consumption and waste in our culture.

We believe that intellectual and physical quality matter equally. Making and designing are one.  This is our vision of what it means to design and make in this country right now.”