Troy Emery,  pink lump , 2018. Styling and Photography_Annette Wagner

                                       Troy Emery, pink lump, 2018. Styling and Photography_Annette Wagner

Craft Cubed Festival

Craft's annual celebration of the handmade, and the biggest coming together of the craft and design communities in Australia

Now in its ninth year, the 2018 festival presents creative, experimental and ideas-based craft and design projects under the banner of the Craft Cubed Festival.

This year the theme for the Craft Cubed Festival is Homing Craft and will aim to showcase makers' sense of place, identity and home through a multi-layered, open access festival.  Through this concept, we will open up craftmakers' ideas of “home” in intersection with the domestic roots of craft, with a focus on Craft’s own move to a new home on Watson Place.