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CiPi :The Pink Shadow Game


As The Pink Shadow travels through time and space, she enables other beings to collect and use super-powered tokens to enhance their human existence.

The tokens celebrate the materiality of objects we use daily and are made from neon acrylic, leather, wood, textile, metal and are hand-etched to indicate a specific power.

Tokens are passed between people, enhancing and changing behaviours, enabling a participant perhaps on one occasion to "be nicer to THAT person at work" or "give yourself a time bonus to finish a particular task”. A favourite possibility is "a 25% greater likelihood that a member of your family might offer to wash the dishes" 

Once a person has completed the task they may pass the token onto someone they think might benefit from the now supercharged token. Game cards and token pouches can be purchased and used if the participant finds the game particularly useful.

The Game is spread through different people and spaces. The 1st Place is a box on a gate at CiPi's house where tokens will be placed at specific times on particular days. Other locations will be determined by CiPi’s travels between Castlemaine and Melbourne during August. Potential participants can book a 2.5 minute session for exchange of tokens. 

The Pink Shadow may well be a super-person who travels through time and space, but home is the centre of all things. This project starts at CiPi’s home, and travels through time, space, other beings and their homes. Participants in the Game make the game travel to ever more places as they follow their daily movements.

All essential information including token arrival times, drop off points and micro appointments are posted on CiPi’s website and Instagram account during August. 

Instagram: @cipiincolour

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