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Home for Now, Home for a Lifetime- part two

  • 507 Docklands Drive Docklands, VIC, 3008 Australia (map)

This two-stage participatory project investigates tensions between personal reality of making a ‘home-for-now’ and the idealism of crafting a ‘home-for-a-lifetime’. To achieve this, we first workshop the concept of ‘home’ with the general public, then respond with a consolidated installation of crafted works that form a shared narrative of what this constitutes. Discussions will be facilitated in a roving makerspace/gallery - a converted horse float (see links) - and facilitated by making: physically forming clay and other artefacts to express personal memories and perceptions of what constitutes the values of ‘home’. Participants will be informally asked a series of questions, exploring commonalities and differences and the impact of previous ‘homes-for-now’ on their current, perhaps idyllic, perceptions of ‘home for a lifetime’. Following this, the conversations, footage and crafted objects will form the basis for a sculptural installation to be developed by our artists and presented at docklands on the final day.

Building on our previous work at Wide Open Road Art and with Craft Cubed 2017, this current project explores our individual archetypes of ‘home’; how each of us forms our own cluster of images and preconceptions of home, and the struggle we might undertake in trying to bring these ephemera to life. Through conversations with the public and our own experiences we seek to evoke the lost homes that those involved have preserved in their minds and that have deeply etched an idyllic sense of ‘home-for-a-lifetime’. These senses often come from spaces in which we felt most at home, but which, for varying reasons, often can’t be inhabited again -- childhood homes, holiday houses, homes in other countries or times of life that have been left behind. These spaces – or more so, the freedoms, experiences and sensibilities and relationships these spaces fostered – have intrinsically informed our ideals of what constitutes our personal definitions and yearnings for home as a permanent state. 
The deep personal value of home-creating is set against the backdrop of this moment in history in which it has become increasingly difficult to own a home and the symbolism and actualisation of one’s ideal becomes laden with great collective weight. Home For Now…. Home For a Lifetime seeks to garner the artists’ and the community’s experiences on this and then extend our presentation to our screen/pod in the Docklands, a high-rise development on the fringe of Melbourne’s CBD. Where does the archetypal sense of ‘home-for-a-lifetime’’ fit within modern housing reality, densified rapidly built and hyper-competitive? 

The final installation, to be shown in the converted float at docklands, draws on the themes raised above, of an archetypal and ephemeral sense of home and the complicated social realities of making a real modern home. It asks, how might we reconcile these differences to craft homes together for a lifetime?

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