Fresh! 2016 Emerging Maker Showcase

4 March to 14 May 2016


Craft’s annual showcase of Victoria’s leading emerging makers returns this March with Fresh! 2016. Ten artists have been selected from Monash, VCA, RMIT and Holmesglen TAFE graduate exhibitions, culminating in the introduction of new practitioners rigorously working within the craft sphere and giving insight into the direction of the genre.

Fresh! is developed by a team of professional craft and design practitioners and curators who, in the months preceding the exhibition, actively view a vast array of work and attend the graduate exhibitions within numerous departments within Tertiary and TAFE institutions. Craft would like to thank this years team: Alice Blackwood, Andrei Davidoff, Eddy Carroll, John Gosper, Melanie Katsalidis, Sim Luttin, Louise Meuwissen, Robyn Phelan and Craft Curator Debbie Pryor.

Bess Davey (Monash), Alison Frith (Holmesglen TAFE), Sarah Elizabeth Johnston (RMIT), Niamh Minogue (RMIT), Emma Morris (RMIT), Alexsandra Pontonio (RMIT), Angela Louise Powell (VCA), Louis Slamowicz (Monash), Darcy Stephanie Smith (Monash), Mel Jane Wilson (VCA)

Congratulations to our winners in the following categories:
Alison Frith, winner of the Sofitel Melbourne On Collins solo exhibition prize (valued at $3,000)
Alexsandra Pontonio, winner of the Future Leaders Cash Prize (valued at $1,000)
Angela Powell, winner of the Screaming Pixel Professional photographic services prize (valued at $500)

Read an essay by Ramona Barry entitled Fresh is Best.
Download the 2016 Catalogue, featuring interviews with the finalists .

IMAGE above: Niamh Minogue, Dust pink (detail), (2015), porcelain, glaze, aluminium tape, white tac, red tac, paper, ink, sticky tape, duct tape, reflective fabric, masking tape, terracotta, terra sigillata, paperclay, reflective thread, magnifying plastic, cellophane, brick, render, glitter, plaster. Photo by Lauren Bamford.