Bec is a Melbourne based artist specialising in Ceramics. She uses hand-pinching techniques to create sculptural forms and functional objects.

Bec graduated with a Bachelor of Fine Art at RMIT in 2016. Throughout her studies, she exhibited her work both within the University and independently. In 2016, Bec produced work for a collaborative exhibition entitled Sentō at Enough Space. Within RMIT, Bec created work for Body: Fresh, Intimacy, Memory (2016) and Around the Table Exhibition at First Sight. Bec’s work for Body was an installation relating the senses, incorporating ceramic forms, paintings and edible materials.

Bec’s accolades include the Northcote Pottery Excellence Award (2015) and the Clayworks Australia Ceramics Award (2016).


Spring is a collection of porcelain and enamelled sculptures accompanied by fragrance and edible materials. Bec’s installation represents the feeling of immersing oneself in the ethereal qualities of gardens. The palette of colour and texture is inspired by her love for sweet snacks and the smells and flavours of flowers in bloom. The artist is driven by the tactile nature of porcelain and how it preserves the memory of touch.

Images by Screaming Pixel