Katherine Hubble - FINALIST


Katherine completed her BA of Fine Art Gold and Silver Smithing from RMIT  in 2016. In the 2016 Graduate exhibition she was awarded the Wolf Wennrich Award for Gold and Silversmithing. In 2012 she graduated from North Metropolitan TAFE in West Australia with an Advanced Diploma in Jewellery Design. In 2013 she moved to Melbourne and found her love of making objects and wearable art and exploring their possibilities in the realm of craft art. 


These works set out to challenge and regain ownership of female beauty standards case onto us by society and consumerist industries. This is a response to the use of slang words such as fish taco, fur burger and shaven heaven that Katherine has been subjected to and confirms that objectification of women's bodies is still a real experience for women. Katherine uses traditional methods of craft through the jewellery and object making to recreate these slang phrases into objects with humour and empowerment. 

Image credit: Jeremy Dillion