Katie barter - FINALIST


Working within languages of fashion and image making, Katie’s practice creates both marketable pieces and designs that test current ideals of clothing and accessories.

The relationship and balance between the body and clothing is an underlying consideration throughout her practice, as she explores their roles and influence upon one another. She uses this notion to incorporate the form into her designs, while then also proposing garments without the body, documenting them as pure objects.

Entrenched in process and material exploration, each project works towards establishing new considerations within clothing, while her use of imagery extends her concerns and considerations around the work.


Developed through a series of experiments, Katie Barter’s Honours project ‘Handle With Wear’ explores the intimate expressions and experiences of the touch.

Within this research, the interaction of the wearer and gestures of the hand on clothing became the most promenade relationship to study. In documenting this influence, clothing inhabited a state of flux, in moments like a sleeve falling off a shoulder, the resulting shapes and its position on the form suggested how clothing was touched and experienced.

In exploring this relationship it also lead to considering the pieces without the body, documenting and understanding their ability to suggest purely as objects.