MICHaela pegum - FINALIST


With more than fifteen years as a contemporary dancer and choreographer behind her, Michaela embarked on a Bachelor of Fine Art, Gold and Silversmithing at RMIT. She commences her Masters of Fine Art by Research there this year, and will continue to explore her interest in embodied knowledge through her intuitive approach to materials and form.

Through phenomenological, poetic and material investigations her current work explores experiences that hover on the thresholds of knowledge and mystery and how these experiences can be expressed in material form. She is particularly interested in the generation of new and unique materials and in the resonance that is created between art object and beholder.


These works seek to honour our perceptually rich experiences in the natural world and give material form to the fluid space of interweaving where we meet it - a space that is both human and other.

I hoped that the quality of wonder in the original experience might be triggered in the encounter between art object and beholder, creating a chain of encounters between nature, maker, material and audience.

Quale translates as ‘a quality or property as perceived or experienced by a person’. Each work was partnered by a piece of poetic writing that guided its creation. The written response is referenced in brackets in the title.