Siteng is currently completed a Bachelor of Fine Art (Honours) degree at RMIT, and pursuing a Master of Fine Art. Through the study of fine art, Siteng has majored in objects and jewellery making. Jewellery and crafted objects in contemporary art context have always been a fascination - they can be looked at as a artifact of a certain culture, field, idea or site. Contemporary jewellery and object art has the ability to contain and communicate complex ideas and concepts with its object property.


This series of work is an investigation of traditional East Asian arts, with an aim to revisit the traditional arts in contemporary jewellery approach. The research behind this project involves East Asian art history, traditional ink painting and its formats. The materials and approaches of the works explore the aesthetic and concepts of East Asian arts with the use of color, transparency, collage, appropriating and object format. These work pieces are Siteng's exploration on innovations within the traditional theme. 

Photo credit: Jeremy Dillon