TEssy king - FINALIST


Tessy is an emerging artist from Melbourne who works predominantly with clay. Her practice reflects on the ceramic vessel’s physical and cultural significance within the prosaic and examines notions of purpose and the decision-making systems related to taste and habit. Her vessels sit within constructed areas for viewing, referencing the process of arranging objects in domestic and commercial settings. More broadly, Tessy’s work examines the relevance and influence of craft practices within a fine art context. Tessy completed Fine Arts (Hons.) at RMIT in 2016 and has exhibited in Australia and the USA.  She maintains a practice that encompasses both sculptural and installation work for exhibitions and functional objects for domestic use.  


Sun Room is an investigation into the possibilities for spatialising the ceramic vessel. By deconstructing the vessel and emphasising its historical prevalence Tessy considers the meaning and value attached to the ceramic form. Referencing antiquity, garden ornaments and domestic ware, the work explores how the space around everyday objects is imparted with meaning on the objects behalf. Exploration into additional materials acting as props for these vessels fragments the surrounding space into areas for viewing. This intervention into space blends the vessel with the constructed supports, reflecting on the constant exchange between object and that which acts as its physical platform.