Soft Stories,  See You in the Soup , 2019. Image courtesy the artist

Soft Stories, See You in the Soup, 2019. Image courtesy the artist


See You in the Soup “Meet & Eat” Mini Tour
Saturday 10 August, 4pm
$30 – bookings via
Meet & Eat Mini Tour includes a delicious crepe and a cider or soft drink by the wonderful team at Roule Galette.

See You In the soup
13 July - 17 August 2019

Soft Stories

This wonderful exhibition explores the Melbourne epicurean landscape through the eyes of a small and (epi)curious duck. Audiences will be amused and delighted as they explore the soft, food-laden installation and stop-motion film. The animation puppets, storyboards and props used to create the See You in the Soup film will also be on display. Set in a city made from cardboard and fluffy fabric, the film follows a cast of urban birds as they share a food adventure. With food exploration as its central theme, See You in the Soup encourages playful thinking and invites young and old audiences to consider their culinary comfort zones.

Soft Stories is an ongoing collaboration between Isobel Knowles and Cat Rabbit. Isobel is an award winning artist and animator, and Cat is a textile artist - together they make books for children, short films and large-scale interactive artworks. They have published two books together, Owl Know How (2012) and Too Much for Turtle (2015) through Thames & Hudson.
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This project is supported by the City of Melbourne Arts Grants Program. See You in the Soup forms part of the Craft Cubed Festival. Craft Cubed is supported by the City of Melbourne Triennial Arts Grants Program.

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Like a Duck to Water

We chat to Del the Duck about his acting debut in the new short film ‘See You in the Soup’, premiering at Craft Victoria this July!

What’s your daily routine?
I get up early with the birds, and enjoy swanning around in my pyjamas for as long as possible. I always eat toast for breakfast and think about the day. Today I’ll visit the library to swap over my books and then I’ll have lunch with a friend. I’ve recently learnt to cook, so I’m going to visit the market and try something new for dinner.

What was it like starring in the film?
It was tough! You have to stand really still, then move a tiny bit, then stand really still again. It’s a lot harder than it looks and the hours are quite long- I kept falling over! It was tiring work, but I kept my head above water.

Cate Blanchett has once said ‘I feel alive when I’m acting’, how does acting make you feel?
I would agree! I really come to life in front of the camera.

How was it working with Isobel & Cat?
They’re very sweet but they work such long hours (don’t tell the unions). There’s a lot of laughing on set, and heaps of delicious cake. They also eat a lot of baguettes so we get along great!

Were there any personality clashes on set?
Everyone’s really lovely, we’re all birds of a feather. Pidgeon’s bossy but she has the best ideas so it’s ok. Magpie is the peacekeeper and she has a beautiful voice. The Ductor is very smart and serious. Sometimes that seagull ruffles my feathers, even though he’s my best friend.

What would you like viewers to take away from your performance in ‘See You in the Soup’?
I hope other little ducks get excited about cooking. My world has really opened up since making this duck-umentary - I’ve dived into lots of new foods and met lots of new friends.

What’s next for you?
This experience has really inspired me, and I’d like to write my memoirs. I know I’m really small, but I have a lot to say!